A hundred years from today

Song Author Frank Sinatra Submitted by: Anonymous
[D]Don't save your [Bm7]kisses,[Bm7/E] just p[G]ass [G/F#]them aro[A7]und,   
[D6]You'll find my re[B7]ason, l[Em7]ogically s[A7/5+]ound,      
[D9]Who's gonna [D7/9]know that you [G6/9]passed [G5]them ar[Gm]ound,
[E7]One    [Bm7/5-]hundred ye[A7]ars f[Cdim]rom toda[A7]y.    [A7/5+]    

[D]Why crave a pent[Bm7]house,[Bm7/E] f      [G]it   [G/F#]for a Q[A7]ueen, [Edim]    
[D6]Your nearer h[B7]eaven, on m[Em7]other earth's [A7/5+]green,      
[D9]If you had m[D7/9]illions what [G6/9]would t[G5]hey all [Gm]mean,
[E7]One    [Bm7/5-]Hundred Ye[A7]ars f[A7/5+]rom today[D].  

[Am7]So laugh and [D9]sing, [Am7]make love the [D9]king,
Be [G6]happy [Am7]while [D9]you    [G6]may.   
[Bm7]There's always [E7]one, ben[Bm7]eath the s[E7]un,   
Who's bo[A7]und to make you [Em7]feel     [G/B]that w[A7]ay,    [A7/5+]    

[D]The moon is s[Bm7]hining, [Bm7/E] and [G]that's a[G/F#] good      [A7]sign, [Edim]    
[D6]Cling to me c[B7]loser, and [Em7]say you'll be [A7/5+]mine,      
[D9]Remember [D7/9]baby we [G6/9]won't s[G5]ee it sh[Gm]ine,   
[E7]One    [Bm7/5-]Hundred Y[A7]ears f[A7/5+]rom toda[B7]y.   
[E7]One    [Bm7/5-]Hundred Ye[A7]ars f[A7/5+]rom today[D6].   

Don't save your kisses, just pass them around,
You'll find my reason, logically sound,
Who's gonna know that you passed them around,
One [Bm7/5-]hundred years from today.

Why crave a penthouse, fit for a Queen,
Your nearer heaven, on mother earth's green,
If you had millions what would they all mean,
One [Bm7/5-]Hundred Years from today.

So laugh and sing, make love the king,
Be happy while you may.
There's always one, beneath the sun,
Who's bound to make you feel that way,

The moon is shining, and that's a good sign,
Cling to me closer, and say you'll be mine,
Remember baby we won't see it shine,
One [Bm7/5-]Hundred Years from today.
One [Bm7/5-]Hundred Years from today.


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