A Handful of Stars

Song Author Jack Lawrence og Ted Shapiro Performer: Glenn Miller Submitted by: jonagust

[A]I recall the s[F#7]tory, that n[Bm7-5]ight of [Dm6]love and [Cdim]glory,     
A [A]night that left my h[A7]eart romantic s[D6]cars;[Dm6]    
We [A]stood [A9]so n   [A]ear to H[F#7]eaven tha[Bm7-5]t I reached clear to [Dm6]Heaven
And g[E7]athered you a [E7+5]handful of s[A6]tars.

Sw[A]eet remembered [F#7]hour when [Bm7-5]love be      [Dm6]gan to [Cdim]flower     
With m[A]oonlight through the t[A7]rees like silver b[D6]ars; [Dm6]    
And a[A]s the [A9]moon g[A]rew [F#7]older, I [Bm7-5]reached across your s[Dm6]houlder
And [D9]gathered you a [E7+5]handful of st[A6]ars.   

[A]I p  [A9]laced [A]my f[C#m]inger    [C#m7]tips u     [C#m]pon your [C#m7]lips and [G#]stars fell [G#7]in your [G#]eyes;
[C#m]Moonglow made a [C#m7]halo of your [C#7]hair,    
S[E]uddenly you [Fdim]looked at me and d[F#m]reams began to [B7]rise --
[E]Oh, what t[E9]hings [E]un - [E9]spo - [E]ken [E7]trem - bled[E7/6] in the [E7]air.   

Our hea[A]rts were madly [F#7]beating, and[Bm7-5] then our l[Dm6]ips were [Cdim]meeting,
And V[A]enus seemed to m[A7]elt right into [D6]Mars.[Dm6]    
And [A]while [A9]we sto[A]od car[F#7]essing, blue [Bm7-5]Heaven sent a b[Dm6]lessing --
A s[D9]hower of [E7+5]handful of s[A6]tars.

I recall the story, that n[Bm7-5]ight of love and glory,
A night that left my heart romantic scars;
We stood so near to Heaven tha[Bm7-5]t I reached clear to Heaven
And gathered you a handful of stars.

Sweet remembered hour when [Bm7-5]love began to flower
With moonlight through the trees like silver bars;
And as the moon grew older, I [Bm7-5]reached across your shoulder
And gathered you a handful of stars.

I placed my fingertips upon your lips and stars fell in your eyes;
Moonglow made a halo of your hair,
Suddenly you looked at me and dreams began to rise --
Oh, what things un - spo - ken trem - bled in the air.

Our hearts were madly beating, and[Bm7-5] then our lips were meeting,
And Venus seemed to melt right into Mars.
And while we stood caressing, blue [Bm7-5]Heaven sent a blessing --
A shower of handful of stars.


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