A Cottage For Sale

Song Author Larry Conley og Willard Robison Lyrics by: Larry Conley og Willard Robison Performer: Nat King Cole Submitted by: Anonymous

Our l[D]ittle dream castle with [F#7]every dream [C#m7-5]gone       
Is lon[B7]ely and silent -- the [Gdim]shades are all [Gm7]drawn,
And [D7]my heart is [D7/F#]heavy as [G]I gaze u[Gm7]pon    
[E]A   [A7]cottage for s[D]ale.

The la[D]wn we were proud of is[F#7] waving i[C#m7-5]n hay;       
Our b[B7]eautiful garden has[Gdim] withered a[Gm7]way.    
Where [D7]we planted [D7/F#]roses the [G]weeds seem to[Gm7] say,    
"[E]A c  [A7]ottage for s[D]ale."

Th[F#7]rough every single window [B7]I see your face
But w[E7]hen I reach the [Fdim]win - d[E7]ow there's [A7]only   [Cdim] empty s[A7]pace   

The k[D]ey's in the mail box, the [F#7]same as be -[C#m7-5] fore       
But [B7]no one is waiting fo[Gdim]r me any[Gm7]more    
The e[D7]nd of our [D7/F#]story is t[G]old on the d[Gm7]oor    
[E]A C  [A7]ottage For S[D]ale.

Our little dream castle with every dream [C#m7-5]gone
Is lonely and silent -- the shades are all drawn,
And my heart is heavy as I gaze upon
A cottage for sale.

The lawn we were proud of is waving i[C#m7-5]n hay;
Our beautiful garden has withered away.
Where we planted roses the weeds seem to say,
"A cottage for sale."

Through every single window I see your face
But when I reach the win - dow there's only empty space

The key's in the mail box, the same as be -[C#m7-5] fore
But no one is waiting for me anymore
The end of our story is told on the door
A Cottage For Sale.


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