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Song title Performer Status
Too Long Gone Samþykkt
Cirrus Minor Pink Floyd Samþykkt
Pearly Shells Samþykkt
Flowers On The Wall " The Wall\nThe Statler Brothers \n Samþykkt
I Love You More and More Everyday Samþykkt
Just To Satisfy You Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings Waylon Jennings Samþykkt
It´ll Be Her Samþykkt
Don´t Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You Samþykkt
Friday Night Blues John Conley Sonny Throckmorton Samþykkt
For Rent Patsy Cline Sonny James Jack Morrow Samþykkt
You Cant Take It With You When You Go Larry Cordle Samþykkt
Jealous Loving Heart Johnny Cash Ernest Tubb Samþykkt
Roll On Eighteen Wheeler Alabama Samþykkt
Dark Moon Ned Miller Samþykkt
Colorado Waltz Samþykkt
It Just Doesn't Seem To Matter Jack Greene Jeannie Seely Samþykkt
God put a rainbow in the Clouds The Chuck Wagon Gang Samþykkt
I Cried All The Way To The Altar Patsy Cline Bobbie Flournoy Samþykkt
Changing Skies unknown Samþykkt
Help Me Hank I´m Falling Johnny Paycheck Samþykkt
City of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie Willie Nelson Steve Goodman Samþykkt
Would You Be Ready Buck Owens Samþykkt
Wildwood Flower Johnny Cash Samþykkt
Big Ole Heartache Hawkshaw Hawkins Samþykkt
Lord It's Just Another Hill Doyle Lawson Samþykkt
Cowboy Yodel Wanda Jackson Samþykkt
Going Away Party Bob Wills Samþykkt
Fighting Fire With Fire Gene Watson Samþykkt
Country Christmas Loretta Lynn Samþykkt
Wondering What To Do Eddy Arnold Samþykkt
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