Frequently Asked Questions

Can I signup without using Facebook?

Sure!. Just click on the login link in the top right corner on any page. There should be a link to register. Alternatively, click here.

Where are my songbooks?

They should be on the songbook page.

I can't find the song I am looking for. What gives?

We may not have it! You can request a song through our wishlist and therefore persuade some awesome person to submit the song.

I only know basic chords like G,C and D but the “I ONLY KNOW G,C AND D?” search shows songs with more chords in the results. What is up with that?

We intentionally allow songs with one or two extra chords to appear in the results. This should challenge you to learn new chords every day! If you do not see any songs with the exact chord combination you entered, we probably don't have it.

Is this service legal?

Yes. We make roalty agreements in each geographic area we operate in. In Iceland, we co-operate with STEF, The Performing Right Society of Iceland and we pay royalties for the use of lyrics on our site and any songbooks you create for personal use. If you are creating songbooks for a company, a family reunion or any other organized event you should be paying additional royalties. Please contact us and we will work something out.

In Scandinavia we are currently working on a similar agreement with NCB, the Nordisk Copyright Bureau.

In the United States we are working on a similar agreement with various publishers.

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