Botnleðja (icelandic for "silt") is an Icelandic band formed in 1994. They have produced some of the best and most memorable rock songs to come from Iceland. They won the Músíktilraunir "battle of the bands" in 1995: the prize was 25 hours in a studio, but their first album "Drullumall" (1995) was recorded in only 24 hours. For the follow-up, "Fólk er Fífl" (1996-1997) they won the Icelandic Music Awards for Best Song, Best Album and Best Band. Members: Heiðar Örn Kristjánsson (guitarist and singer), Ragnar Páll Steinsson (guitarist and singer), and Haraldur Freyr Gíslason (drummer).

Top Songs

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